Honorable Mentions

The Bitch Desk:  That would be me!

Vampire Boy

Vampire Boy: My 21 year old son. Like most teens, he likes to sleep most of the daylight hours and be up all night playing XBox with his friends.  He’s not as social as his younger sister, but he’s working on it. In high school, his extracurricular activity involved being the manager of the high school girls’ varsity soccer team. (insert Beavis/Butthead laughter here)  He’s now “taking a year off” from college. His parents are adamant that he will return to school in the Fall.

Social Diva

Social Diva: My 16 year old (going on 22 in her mind) daughter.  She’s very friendly and (usually) outgoing.  She wakes each morning with “what are we doing/where are we going today?”  She already loves FMPs and will need to get a job at an early age to support her love of shoes, clothes, and travel.

Lineman: The new/old friend in my life. We were a couple many years ago (when I was in high school). Fate and timing has graced us with the opportunity to renew our friendship.

Flawed Memory:  The former boyfriend (attempt 5,247,999 failed). We initially met playing ultimate frisbee (i.e., gross and sweaty), but a Saturday night involving a club, cheap vodka drinks, and dancing following by a Christmas night of (more) drinking and shenanigans created  a couple. Apparently, we can’t get our shit together to be in a relationship that allows both parties to be happy.

The Ex Husband: The ex-husband. (’nuff said)  He’s had other names over the past ten years, but I’ll keep it polite here.

The Sister: I don’t yet have a pseudonym for her, but she is my younger sister.  She was a single mom of two boys, ages 16 and 7, but went and got married for a second time when I was away on vacation. (WTF!)

Big Baldy: Music lover and the best guy friend a girl can have.  He tells it like it is whether you want to hear it or not.  He’s been a great source for  introducing me to new music and good beer.  He is also known to sport an Octopus hat.

AA:  My summer pool buddy and current nemesis for pool Mayorship on swarm/foursquare.

Meeps: The great people I have met since becoming active with www.meetin.org.

Grenalda: My former co-worker and cube mate.  She’s a lover of gardens, dogs, and music. A woman with a wild past who doesn’t look or act her age. Halloween is her favorite holiday and she throws the BEST party!

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