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Road Trip!

I’ve had tickets to go see my favorite band Red Wanting Blue at the House of Blues in Cleveland since they announced a weekend of shows last October. I didn’t plan to go to both nights of shows (Fri and Sat), but definitely purchased tickets for me and Vampire Boy for Saturday night.

I reserved a room at the The Arcade, a hotel right across the street from the House of Blues. I wasn’t confident about my car making the drive from Pittsburgh to Cleveland so I also reserved a car at the airport.

We were a little late in getting started to the airport to pick up our rental, but we were finally on the road by 1:00. Since I was heading to Cleveland and Vampire Boy loves food, I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to take him to Melt Bar and Grilled.

An added bonus of my trip to Cleveland was to FINALLY meet in person someone I “virtually” met a number of years ago. J was able to meet and join me for lunch at Melt, and then gave me a quick driving tour of the frozen lake while showing me the way back to my hotel.

This was my awesome lunch. I was only able to eat about half of the one half!

Melt Bar and Grilled

The Dude Abides: homemade meatballs, fried mozzarella wedges, rich marinara, provolone & romano

We had less than an hour to drop off our bags at our room before the doors opened at the venue. I didn’t have time to explore the hotel, but they were setting up for a wedding.


It was really nice to just walk across the street to the venue (and would have been awesome had I been imbibing in adult beverages).

After dropping off our bags, laying down for a disco nap (but too excited to sleep), and refreshing my makeup, it was time to head over to the House of Blues. J was able to find a ticket (it was a sold out show) to join us. (Sadly, he wasn’t able to stay too long after officiating most of the morning.)

After two opening bands (who I didn’t care for), it was time!


Red Wanting Blue | House of Blues 

These guys played for over 90 minutes and had TWO encores! I loved how they threw in some really old stuff (that I haven’t seen performed live) as well as one of their new songs (new album coming out soon!). They’re also going to be on The Rock Boat (but sadly, Vampire Boy doesn’t get to go this year which is why I took him to Cleveland to see them).

I spent a lot of time driving this weekend, but it was totally worth it! A great lunch, meeting a virtual friend in real life, a great show, and getting to spend some quality time with my son! I’m an exhausted but happy gal.

The view of the city and the frozen lake

Introduce Yourself!

nametagHi! Thanks for stopping by!

I’ve noticed over the past few weeks that my views have been increasing.


So please, say hi and introduce yourself! What brings you to visit?

A review of ‘search terms’ for the past 30 days shows me the following:

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Lots of unknown search terms, but lots of people finding my site when searching for break up quotes. As someone who has muddled a number of relationships over the past 13 years, I’m sorry that I don’t have any magic words to share with you. Life doesn’t come with an instruction manual. You have to learn as you go. We’re all making mistakes along the way, but do your best to not take advantage or hurt others.

Some good advice from my therapist (who I still hear in my head when I’m trying to work something out): “Always do the best that you can with the information you have.”


So back to the original purpose of my post.

Hi! Thanks for stopping by. What brings you to visit?

Gender Poems!

The Female Poem

I want a man who’s handsome and strong

A man who will listen carefully and long.

One who thinks, before he speaks.

One who will call, and won’t wait for weeks.

I want a man who is gainfully employed,

And when I spend his money, won’t be annoyed.

A man who holds my arm as he opens the door

And massages my neck as he asks to do more.

I guess what I want is a man who loves to the end.

A man who will always be my very best friend.


The Male Poem

I want a deaf-mute nymphomaniac

with huge boobs who owns

a liquor store, a bowling alley,

a big fishing boat, and a golf course.

I know that doesn’t rhyme,

but I don’t give a sh#t.

If you actually recognize the day, Happy Valentine’s Day!

[Reprinted from my MySpace blog, 11/19/2006]


I’ve read that “forgiveness is not something we do for OTHER PEOPLE. It is something we do for OURSELVES to be able to move forward.”

But for me, forgiveness is one of those ‘easier said than done’ tasks. If you’re one who tends to hold grudges (I am), how do you let go of the wrongs and move on, especially when trust is involved? How do you move forward when the guilty party hasn’t found the courage to talk with you directly about the issues that caused the distrust in the first place?

I don’t struggle with thoughts of forgiveness when I’m committed to hibernating at home. When I’m home alone, I can stew in my angry thoughts. I run into trouble when paths cross socially.

I’m trying to figure out just what exactly I want and whether I can let go. If I expect others to change and grow as a person, I should challenge myself to do the same.