Introduce Yourself!

nametagHi! Thanks for stopping by!

I’ve noticed over the past few weeks that my views have been increasing.


So please, say hi and introduce yourself! What brings you to visit?

A review of ‘search terms’ for the past 30 days shows me the following:

breakup quotes 27
break up quotes for her 3
i am here for you quotes 2
quotes about breaking up 2
quotes about relationships being hard 2
quotes breakup 1
the break up quotes 1
quote on break off 1
black relationship quotes 1
getting over a break up quotes 1
breaking up relationship quotes 1
acquaintance vs. friend 1
break up quotes for boys 1
almost breaking up quotes 1
break off quotes 1
relationship ends quotes 1
breaking up quotes 1
Unknown search terms 108

Lots of unknown search terms, but lots of people finding my site when searching for break up quotes. As someone who has muddled a number of relationships over the past 13 years, I’m sorry that I don’t have any magic words to share with you. Life doesn’t come with an instruction manual. You have to learn as you go. We’re all making mistakes along the way, but do your best to not take advantage or hurt others.

Some good advice from my therapist (who I still hear in my head when I’m trying to work something out): “Always do the best that you can with the information you have.”


So back to the original purpose of my post.

Hi! Thanks for stopping by. What brings you to visit?

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