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Oh What a Feeling

The past 48 hours have been a blur!

Friday involved work, shuttling Social Diva to/from Teen Center, and racing across town to help set up for Christianpalooza.

Saturday was the craziest day!  It started with #FreeAngie, moving her into her own apartment.  She had at least eight people show up to help her early on a Saturday morning! The beauty of twitter!

Christianpalooza was the highlight of my weekend and the main topic in this post.  I met a woman on Twitter who lost her 9 year old son to a brain tumor this past January. As a parent, I cannot imagine having to experience the pain and heartache of learning of your child’s diagnosis not to mention the pain and suffering of treatment.  From what I have read, Christian was a great son and was loved by all who knew him.

To give back for all Make A Wish had done for her family, M and her close friends organized this fundraiser with all proceeds going to the Make A Wish Foundation in Christian’s honor.  I offered to help in any way that I could, and I am so glad I did.

The fundraiser looked to be a success.  Many of M’s twitter friend’s showed up, as well as family, friends, and the community.  There was a DJ, face painting, and tattoos for the kids.  There was food and donated baskets for a raffle. (I won two, apparently!) People were still showing up when I had to leave to head to my next event (a show by Blackberry Smoke).

If you wish to contribute, donations are still being accepted in Christian’s honor. You can make a donation HERE.

It’s been a fun and exhausting weekend. How was your weekend?