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Blogging 101– Assignment #1: Introduce Yourself

Apologies to anyone who already reads my blog (there’s maybe three of you, [laugh]), but I signed up to participating in Blogging 101. While I’ve had my blog for a few years now, I haven’t given it much attention nor have I posted on a regular basis. Now that writing is a large part of my new work position, I wanted to stretch my comfort zone and gain some practice as well as ideas. So if you’re still reading, buckle up and enjoy the read while I try to complete our assigned projects!

Assignment #1 is to introduce yourself. If you’ve explored my blog at all, you know that I do already have an “About Me” page. This re-post is to complete the first assignment.

Who am I?

I am The Bitch Desk, like the Help Desk, only bitchier!  I am the happily divorced mom of Vampire Boy and Social Diva.  Separated in 2001 and divorce finalized in 2006, I’ve had many experiences (both good and bad) over the years.  Thanks to the Social Diva who makes friends with everyone, I have enjoyed becoming more social as I get older.

Why “The Bitch Desk?”

As you know, many companies have an IT “Help Desk.” As I had been with my prior department for almost 30 years (yikes, I’m getting old!), my telephone constantly rang with co-workers calling with questions. After a particularly busy day of a ringing phone and answering questions, I hung up the phone saying “Thank you for calling The Bitch Desk” and a twitter handle was born. I’ve recently transferred departments so I’ve lost my “Help Desk-like” persona at work. I’m now that gal who has to ask all the questions!

Why A Blog?

I decided to create a blog mostly to get thoughts out of my head or to share funny stories about what the kids have done/are doing. I balance between sharing thoughts here on my blog and in a private journal that I started last year. Sadly, I haven’t been successful with keeping either outlet up to date.

Why participate in Blogging 101? To learn more about WordPress, what people like to read, and sometimes just to get my thoughts written down.  Also, one of my resolutions for 2015 is to also write privately, so I will also be journaling thoughts I don’t wish to share in a public forum.

Thanks for stopping by and happy reading!