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Day 30: A Day of Being Productive

I can’t believe we’re at the last day of November.

Since the kids and I went to a movie on Thanksgiving and they went over the ex’s early, I didn’t bother cooking my turkey on Thanksgiving Day. I cooked it today instead and it turned out beautiful!

Turkey!I also managed to get out early this morning to pick up groceries. Yay, we can eat for a week!

I also stopped at Busy Beaver to pick up some plastic to cover my living room windows. I spent the afternoon hanging the plastic and a set of mini blinds on the windows. Wow, what a difference! There is no longer a cold breeze on my neck when I’m sitting in my chair!

Tomorrow, I am going to try to  rustle up some Christmas spirit and hopefully start my Christmas decorating. And I still have cookies to make and decorate. And I have Christmas cards to address and mail. So much to do!

I must say, I do like this week’s work three days with five days off. I know I’ll enjoy my Sunday a little better knowing that I don’t have to go to work on Monday. (Sorry, just a little gloat about that.)

Day 29: Thankful Continued

The kids and I enjoyed seeing the movie, Frozen, yesterday before I dropped them off at their dad’s for their Thanksgiving dinner. I, however, came home and opened my bottle of wine. Pity Party, party of one? There was no turkey, stuffing, or mashed potatoes for me yesterday. Luckily, I had some leftover pizza for a late lunch (since I’m overdue for grocery shopping). Three glasses of wine later, it was time to change and go out.

The Mongolian Mother Lover

The Mongolian Mother Lover

Previous Thanksgiving Days have involved a large group of friends meeting at Jack’s on Thanksgiving night. This Thanksgiving, however, didn’t follow tradition. As my relationship ended recently, I wasn’t interested in pretending to happy and jolly around a large group of people, so this year, I just met a few close (and true) friends for a drinks. One drink turned into two, two into three, and I lost track after that. After making his way through a posted beer list, my male friend ended the night with this fruit ornated (but umbrella-less) drink.

The night was filled with stories and laughter. I’ve been hibernating since September and it was great to get out. It was just what I needed!

To top off the fun of the night, I got to stop at Tom’s Diner for breakfast. Why is it that breakfast always tastes better when someone else makes it?



Yes, that is both bacon and sausage you see on my plate!

Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving and survived Black Friday shopping if that’s your thing!

Day 28: Thankful

Today, I am thankful for:

  • having two healthy and happy children
  • having a warm place to live
  • having a stable job
  • having food on the table
  • having a car that gets me where I need to go
  • having truly good friends who make me laugh

Today, I am wishing my father a happy birthday. He would have been 68 today.

Today, the kids and I are going to see a movie before they go to their dad’s for Thanksgiving dinner. I will return home, possibly bake some cookies, then meet those good friends for a few holiday drinks. I bought a turkey to bake, but I may wait until Saturday to throw him in the oven (need to coordinate around the baking cookies!).

So wherever you are reading from, Happy Thanksgiving Day!


Day 27: Pre-Turkey Day Eve

It’s the night before Thanksgiving.

My bird is thawing in the fridge. Kids are full of pizza and hoagie. I’m full of pizza and wine. I’ll be cooking tomorrow, but not for a crowd nor even a sit down meal. My initial plan was to go to a movie by myself tomorrow, but now I’m going with the kids to see Frozen. After the movie, I’ll likely drop them at their dad’s after the movie. Then I’m free until I meet up with friends for drinks later.  And I’m hoping to get my drink on later! [I am way overdue.]

It will be an interesting Thanksgiving for me. I found out a cousin passed away this past weekend. Tomorrow would have been my dad’s 68th birthday. I have a bazillion cookies I need to make for Christmas gifts.

So if you’re reading tonight, happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.


Day 26: Horoscope Tweets

I fell down the twitter horoscope hole this afternoon.

It all started when I saw this tweet:

My Way (But, of course!)

My Way (But, of course!)

I do admit to this. I do prefer things to be done my way and on my timeline. Honestly, though, I do try to reign this quirk in when dealing with kids and friends.

Of course, I had to click on their entire timeline. A few favorites:

I’m not really hard to please as long as you do it my way and on my timeline. 😉

I would suck in politics. I hate BS and stories and lies, etc.

I’m struggling with this right now.

I have read before that I am more compatible with other water signs. I’ll certainly be keeping this in mind when exploring new relationships.

I know horoscopes are crap, but these are just a few horoscope tweets that caught my eye today.

Day 25: Working from Home

So on one of the coldest days of the season so far (it was 20* outside yesterday), I discovered after a day of baking that my furnace was not working correctly. The thermostat was set for 70, yet the inside temperature was 63. A quick call to the landlord got me the name of their HVAC company and permission to call them first thing this morning. I sent off an email to my supervisor and co-worker to tell them of the problem and request that I work from home while waiting for the service call.

The repairman showed up pretty quickly this morning after receiving a call from my landlady to authorize the call and a call from me to request a service all. Landlady was concerned as I wasn’t getting any heat last night when I talked to her. The furnace seemed to kick on around 7 last night and seemed to work ok, but this morning I woke up to an inside temperature of 63 again. I almost considered going to work, but I’m glad I didn’t.

Turns out that the furnace’s safety feature was kicking of the distribution of heat. The serviceman asked when I last replaced the filter and I told him a little over a month ago when I turned the furnace on for the season. Apparently, higher-end filters attract more dust/dirt and should be replaced monthly. That was news to me!

Repairman was gone by 10. I thought for a minute about getting changed and heading into work, but then talked sense into myself. I would lose two hours of work if I did that, so I sat back down at my makeshift desk (the dining room table) and got back to work. Unfortunately, I couldn’t print anything I wanted to work on, so I was swapping windows all day! At 2:30, I signed off and headed out to pick up Social Diva from school (since it’s so cold). A quick check of emails when I returned, and I am done for the day.

Unlike most of our departmental personnel, I  think I actually work harder and longer when allowed to work from home! I need to negotiate on being able to work from home more often.

Day 24: WTH Universe!

Today started out uneventful.

I spent the morning starting my holiday cookies. I rolled up some cookie balls, made a new cookie recipe, and manually ground 4 lbs of walnuts for baking next weekend. I spent the majority of the morning and afternoon in a warm kitchen, so I didn’t really notice that the rest of the house was getting cooler. Around 4PM when I finally sat down, I wondered why it was so cold in my living room so I checked my thermostat, planning to bump it up a degree or two since it was so cold outside. That’s when I noticed that I already had it set for 70*, and the thermostat was reading that the house was 64*. SAY WHAT?

I bumped it up to 72* and hear the furnace kick on. However, while the fan was running, it was not blowing air through the duct work. So I turned the thermostat off and turned it back on again. Yep, same thing!

So I had to place a call to my landlord to let them know what was going on. I can go ahead and call the Heating Company that installed the furnace (it’s fairly new, too!). So I’m hoping I can work from home tomorrow while I wait for someone to come look at it.

On the positive side, I did finish one type of cookie, halfway finished another type that needs to be dipped in chocolate, and manually ground 4 lbs of walnuts in preparation for more baking this upcoming weekend.

I’m now looking forward to an even shorter work week if I can work from home tomorrow. I’ll miss a co-worker’s baby shower after work, but now I’ll be able to get up to Cal U to pick up Vampire Boy a little earlier.  However, I’m sure hoping the weather forecasters are wrong with Tuesday’s forecast of 4-7 inches of snow!

Day 23: Let’s Go to the Mall (again!)

Not Social Diva Photo Credit:

Not Social Diva
Photo Credit:

Social Diva woke up this morning and asked to go to the mall again.

It’s 31 days (she has a countdown on her phone) from Christmas and she wants to go the mall. o.O

So off to shower I went. I told her (a few times) that I would take her but that I was not buying anything and neither was she. Christmas is right around the corner.

She did try on a few things that I think she was hoping I would buy. I kept telling her to add them to her Christmas list. (While her dad and I already know what we’re getting her, her grandparents haven’t started shopping yet. )

Three hours later, she was done.  And I only left $3.99 for pretzels at the mall. Success!

Day 22: TGIF

And how am I spending my Friday evening?

Well, first Social Diva and I had Chinese for dinner. (I also had cake at work, so there goes my diet today!)

But with the holidays coming, I said I wnated to get the house cleaned up.

Tonight, I focused on cleaning up all the papers lying around, and Social Diva reorganized her “school” bookshelf in the dining room.

She’s now enjoying the Pens Game while I am ready to head to bed.

Tomorrow’s another day! (and with the cold forecast, it’s going to be a perfect one to stay indoors and clean!)

Day 21: The LONG Week

What is it about this week that it seems to be taking FOREVER for the weekend to get here?

Is it because the last few weeks have been so hectic in preparing for my New Orleans trip?

Is it because I was away from work/out of town for three days last week?

Is it because I’m anxiously awaiting next week — the week that begins short workweeks until January 2014?

I haven’t figured it out yet, but Thank Goodness It’s Friday Eve!

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit: