Day 23: Let’s Go to the Mall (again!)

Not Social Diva Photo Credit:

Not Social Diva
Photo Credit:

Social Diva woke up this morning and asked to go to the mall again.

It’s 31 days (she has a countdown on her phone) from Christmas and she wants to go the mall. o.O

So off to shower I went. I told her (a few times) that I would take her but that I was not buying anything and neither was she. Christmas is right around the corner.

She did try on a few things that I think she was hoping I would buy. I kept telling her to add them to her Christmas list. (While her dad and I already know what we’re getting her, her grandparents haven’t started shopping yet. )

Three hours later, she was done.  And I only left $3.99 for pretzels at the mall. Success!

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