Day 25: Working from Home

So on one of the coldest days of the season so far (it was 20* outside yesterday), I discovered after a day of baking that my furnace was not working correctly. The thermostat was set for 70, yet the inside temperature was 63. A quick call to the landlord got me the name of their HVAC company and permission to call them first thing this morning. I sent off an email to my supervisor and co-worker to tell them of the problem and request that I work from home while waiting for the service call.

The repairman showed up pretty quickly this morning after receiving a call from my landlady to authorize the call and a call from me to request a service all. Landlady was concerned as I wasn’t getting any heat last night when I talked to her. The furnace seemed to kick on around 7 last night and seemed to work ok, but this morning I woke up to an inside temperature of 63 again. I almost considered going to work, but I’m glad I didn’t.

Turns out that the furnace’s safety feature was kicking of the distribution of heat. The serviceman asked when I last replaced the filter and I told him a little over a month ago when I turned the furnace on for the season. Apparently, higher-end filters attract more dust/dirt and should be replaced monthly. That was news to me!

Repairman was gone by 10. I thought for a minute about getting changed and heading into work, but then talked sense into myself. I would lose two hours of work if I did that, so I sat back down at my makeshift desk (the dining room table) and got back to work. Unfortunately, I couldn’t print anything I wanted to work on, so I was swapping windows all day! At 2:30, I signed off and headed out to pick up Social Diva from school (since it’s so cold). A quick check of emails when I returned, and I am done for the day.

Unlike most of our departmental personnel, I  think I actually work harder and longer when allowed to work from home! I need to negotiate on being able to work from home more often.

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