Day 26: Horoscope Tweets

I fell down the twitter horoscope hole this afternoon.

It all started when I saw this tweet:

My Way (But, of course!)

My Way (But, of course!)

I do admit to this. I do prefer things to be done my way and on my timeline. Honestly, though, I do try to reign this quirk in when dealing with kids and friends.

Of course, I had to click on their entire timeline. A few favorites:

I’m not really hard to please as long as you do it my way and on my timeline. 😉

I would suck in politics. I hate BS and stories and lies, etc.

I’m struggling with this right now.

I have read before that I am more compatible with other water signs. I’ll certainly be keeping this in mind when exploring new relationships.

I know horoscopes are crap, but these are just a few horoscope tweets that caught my eye today.

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