Day 29: Thankful Continued

The kids and I enjoyed seeing the movie, Frozen, yesterday before I dropped them off at their dad’s for their Thanksgiving dinner. I, however, came home and opened my bottle of wine. Pity Party, party of one? There was no turkey, stuffing, or mashed potatoes for me yesterday. Luckily, I had some leftover pizza for a late lunch (since I’m overdue for grocery shopping). Three glasses of wine later, it was time to change and go out.

The Mongolian Mother Lover

The Mongolian Mother Lover

Previous Thanksgiving Days have involved a large group of friends meeting at Jack’s on Thanksgiving night. This Thanksgiving, however, didn’t follow tradition. As my relationship ended recently, I wasn’t interested in pretending to happy and jolly around a large group of people, so this year, I just met a few close (and true) friends for a drinks. One drink turned into two, two into three, and I lost track after that. After making his way through a posted beer list, my male friend ended the night with this fruit ornated (but umbrella-less) drink.

The night was filled with stories and laughter. I’ve been hibernating since September and it was great to get out. It was just what I needed!

To top off the fun of the night, I got to stop at Tom’s Diner for breakfast. Why is it that breakfast always tastes better when someone else makes it?



Yes, that is both bacon and sausage you see on my plate!

Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving and survived Black Friday shopping if that’s your thing!

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