Lost: My Sanity

Four years ago, due to a move I did not ask for, I had to surrender my two labs to the Humane Society since I could not find a home (temporary or permanent) for them. I sobbed the entire ride home after having to leave them.  I eventually acclimated to living without the strings of having a pet and thought I enjoyed life as it is.

Until today.

I got an email from my dog-loving co-worker. She ended up cornering a small dog that she has seen running around for a few weeks since she returned from her vacation.  He has both a collar and flea collar but no tags.  She took him to her vet to see if he was microchipped (he’s not).  He looks to be healthy but he’s severely malnourished.

I immediately shot off her email and pictures to my landlord to see if he would reverse his standing of no-pets. If I don’t hear from him by tomorrow afternoon, I will call him.

I called my co-worker to call dibs. Her neighbors got to her first, but I’m next in line if they don’t take him.

See what made me reconsider? (But don’t tell my kids yet)


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