Whew, I Needed That and WTF!

There’s nothing better than working yourself up to a good sweat and getting the heart pumping.

Shame on you! Get your mind out of the gutter!

I’m talking about shedding the work clothes, throwing on the sneakers, turning up the music, and heading out for a mind-clearing, heart-pumping walk around the neighborhood. I walked at least two miles but I didn’t catch how long it took me. It was a dark and crisp night; you could smell Fall in the air. Taking care of myself needs to be my priority again. My weight is out of control. My cruise is in four months. I have a goal.

In the WTF department, I got a call from the principal at Social Diva’s middle school. It seems that a teacher received a rather threatening reply from the Ex-Husband. He informed the teacher that she needs to “ask” rather than “tell” people what to do, and if he receives such an e-mail from her again, he is going to “hunt her down.” The teacher was concerned, the Principal was concerned, and the police were notified. Seriously? Who does such a thing? According to the Principal, he denied that he sent it, saying that his account had been hacked. I, on the other hand, couldn’t help but wonder if he felt the need to reply to her email after a few drinks.  The Principal didn’t know our living situation (really?), but I reassured him that we have lived in separate households for the past ten years. Sadly, I could not provide any insight into why he would do such a thing.  What does one do in this situation? I want to email the teacher, but I’m at a loss for words.

Today was certainly one of those days when I was happy to admit that I was no longer married.

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