I Wish …


That instead of being “worrying” about Vampire Boy and his work schedule at the zoo that you ENCOURAGED him.

That you encouraged him to be a good employee with a good work ethic.

That you encouraged him to think ahead to manage and organize his time with work, soccer, and school responsibilities.

That you encouraged him to keep his first real paying job.


You complain about the road closures and the drive.

When you drive him only ONE trip, ONE WAY, per week.

And encourage him to give up this first job.

Instead of teaching him to a good work ethic.

And how to hang in for both the good AND the bad.

I guess that’s why I have had only two jobs in 26 years … and he’s had numerous jobs and periods of unemployment.

I guess that’s why I didn’t give up on our marriage and I wasn’t the one who walked away.

Instead of worrying about the job at the zoo,

How about encouraging him to study for the ACT?

How about worrying about if he’s scheduled for his senior pictures?

How about worrying what he’s wearing for senior pictures?

It’s hard to co-parent when one parent thinks a kid should do more, yet the other parent doesn’t.


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