Money Mash Up — 2/11

money mash up – 2/11Hosted by simply stacia.

1.  The most money I’ve spent last week was for my Miami hotel room pre-cruise and birthday related expenses for Vampire Boy. Thanks to last weekend’s snowy weather, we didn’t get out for his birthday dinner, but we made it out this past weekend when the weather was a little more cooperative.

2.  A low-cost or free thing I did this past week was staying in again for the weekend. I feel like such a hermit, but limiting my social activities really saves money.

3.  The one thing I did for another was volunteer as a gift wrapper for the Western PA Humane Society this past weekend. Not surprisingly with Valentine’s Day three days away, our shift was slow. There are lots of last minute shoppers out there!

4.  Something I really need to accomplish this week is to get my work and work area organized before I leave for vacation in twelve days!

5.  Valentine’s Day!!!  What are you doing? Honestly, I have no plans for Valentine’s Day (and hope to keep it that way).

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  1. A CRUISE!!! You are going to have a fabulous time and I can’t wait to hear about it. I’m back on finding very low cost (FREE) things to do very soon.

    Thanks sooo much for doing this 🙂 Have a great week!! xoxo

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