One Down … One to Go

Vampire Boy graduated from high school last Wednesday. The week brought both moments of joy and moments of sadness. Joy that he made it through high school. Joy that he didn’t get pulled in by the wrong crowd. Joy that he got accepted to a handful of colleges. Joy that he had done it. Sadness that my “little boy” is now an adult ready to venture off into the world. Sadness that I’m getting old (but that’s another post itself).

I held myself together pretty well at commencement, only tearing up (in public) twice. The first time as they were marching from the school to the football field. The second time as his name was announced and he received his diploma. Social Diva kept yelling at me to put down my sunglasses when she noticed my chin quivering. (She’s so supportive. /sarcasm)

He didn’t want a graduation party, but I was able to surprise him with a small get together with a few of my friends and his grandparents (my in-laws) and his aunt in from Boston. As I made sure everyone had enough to eat and drink, he came out of his shell and sat and talked with everyone.

He’ll start his summer job on Tuesday working with the school district as summer maintenance. I’m guessing that he’ll wish he went back to the zoo after eight hours of manual labor.

As the title says, one down, one more (Social Diva) to go. I’m guessing these next five years are going to fly by!

Summer 2000 (Age 5)

Summer 2000 (Age 5)

Graduation (June 2013)

Graduation (June 2013)

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