Day 1 (late): A Fun Friday Evening!

I had plans for a quiet Friday evening as Social Diva was supposed to go with her Dad to pick up Vampire Boy from school.

However, early Friday morning I was asked if I was interested in going to the Pens game. Of course, I said “Yes!” and then had to figure out who to take with me. Social Diva wasn’t answering her texts. Another friend had just firmed up date plans. And the third friend wasn’t responding to a FB message. Finally, three hours later, Social Diva replies that she is interested.

I have been to Pens games before but at the old Mellon Arena. I was looking forward to my first game at the Consol Energy Center. We got there early enough to see some pre-game warm-ups and get something to eat.


The seats were great! Social Diva loved her first professional hockey game. And Mom had a fun girls’ night out.

Let's Go Pens!

Many thanks to the kind person who gave me the seats for the game. A plate of their favorite cookies will be made to go along with a nice thank you note for their generosity.

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