Day 7: I Hope to be a Guinea Pig

Last night I attended an information session for a clinical trial at the local university. The study is to help people lose weight and present weight regain. The program will include physical activity, nutrition, and weight loss intervention for reduced cardiovascular risk.

While I did buy a Fitbit at the end of August, I haven’t made much progress with increasing my exercise.  This study will require weekly group meetings and my weight and eating habits will be reported to the study coordinators via a wifi scale and the Lose It! app.  Accountability (and no cheating)!

At the end of the information session, we had to answer a few questionnaires to see if we qualify to participate. The coordinators will review our answers and will let us know our eligibility to participate by early December. Baseline testing will  start in January, with group sessions beginning in February.

I hope I’m eligible to participate. While I’ve done well this week with my modified eating, some nutritional advice for this picky eater would be very helpful and greatly appreciated!

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