Day 10: Shop Until the Mom Drops


Social Diva is staying with me for five days since her dad is out of town with friends. I mentioned that I needed to go to the mall to find something to wear for the conference I’m working in New Orleans next week. She, of course, jumped at a trip to the mall on the weekend. She’s turning into quite the shopper these days.

The rule was that I had to pick out my purchase first. While helping me look around for something for me, she (again, of course) found an armful of things that she also wanted to try on. After I made my purchase (including her armful of items), we then headed out to hit her favorite stores.

We looked around in a handful of stores and she didn’t really see anything else that she liked. That is, until we hit the H&M store on our way out of the mall. She wanted to try on a dress to see what it looked like (she doesn’t really wear dresses!). Turns out it looked very cute on her so we had to buy it. She doesn’t have anywhere definite to wear it yet, but we’re hoping to go see Wicked again in January (hopefully, this time it’s not Drunk Girl Theater).

Over three hours later (and lunch at the Food Court), our shopping trip was a success. I found something to wear and shoes for my conference. Social Diva came home with two bags full of clothes.

As we were leaving the mall, Social Diva asked if we were going to walk tonight. After following her around the mall and being her “hold this”, I gave her the stink eye.

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