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What about the Victim?

Pittsburgh news has been inundated with stories surrounding the death of Canonsburg police officer, Scott Bashioum.  While his death was a tragic and senseless one, little has been mentioned in the news about any services for the other victim of this senseless crime, Dalia Sabae, and her unborn child.

Ms. Sabae had filed protection from abuse (PFA) orders against her husband on more than one occasion.  An active PFA prohibits the abuser from owning any firearms. However, the now-deceased abuser husband had access to firearms for hunting, according to his family, who stated to news sources that “they never thought something like this would happen.” Family, friends, neighbors are always the first to be surprised when they learn what happens behind closed doors.

Ms. Sabae was three months pregnant at the time of her unfortunate death. The final hours of her life (and her baby’s) were most likely terrifying with threats and probable violence at the hands of her abuser. A piece of paper (the PFA) couldn’t and wouldn’t save her life from a violent man.

More needs to be done to enforce PFAs. More needs to be done to get (and keep) partners away from abusive partners and get them safely out of and away from abusive relationships. As a domestic violence survivor (previous life; I don’t talk about it), it is upsetting to me that another woman has lost her life at the hands of a violent man. Mr. Bashioum certainly deserves the recognition for his dedicated service as a police officer, but what about the domestic violence victim?

Rants from a Bitch

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  • Why, oh why, do the trendy “teen” stores have LOCKED fitting rooms without attentive attendants? This is the second weekend I have visited a mall and had to wait around for a saleperson to come over with a key to let Social Diva into a fitting room. Sure, I get that you’re trying to minimize thefts, but if you’re going to lock the fitting rooms, have an attendant nearby to let people in.
  • Related to above, it’s expensive when Social Diva spends a weekend with me. Malls, eating out, etc. I need a weekend to follow this weekend so I (and my wallet) can recover!
  • Sure, you may be in a relationship, but that’s not a valid excuse to think to that you don’t need to communicate your plans (whatever they may be) with your dating partner. You need to vocalize, out loud, the conversations you may be having in your head. It is impolite to assume that you can show up at whatever time or send a last-minute text the afternoon of (and especially so if you’re spending an earlier part of the evening with your mistress).
  • Related to above, one should not have to wait until Saturday afternoon to learn what the weekend’s plans are. When one reverts back to lack of communication, don’t be surprised when one ends up doing things alone again.
  • WTF with Parkway drivers? Why does everyone insist on driving in the left lane at the speed limit? If you want to coast on cruise control at the speed limit, stay in the right lane! Also, get off your damn phone! Unless you’re getting step by step directions to wherever you are going, it is not necessary to be chatting while driving!
  • Also WTF with the two racing Mustangs for the drive home this afternoon?! Was weaving in and out of traffic really necessary? I hope you crossed paths with a State Trooper somewhere along your path.


That’s all folks! Happy Monday eve! <groan>