Mid-January Resolution Report

So we’re about three-quarters of the way through January and I’m making progress with my monthly resolution for weight loss, eating healthier, and adding exercise to my daily routine. Is it still true that two out of three ain’t bad?

I’ve been trying to follow a low carb-type diet. Giving up bread and pasta has been fairly easy. I do, however, miss the easy bowl of cereal for dinner!  I’ve been good at packing my lunch.  I’ve been out socially for the past two weekends and have limited myself to diet coke only (and I’ve still had a good time!).  I’ve drastically cut back on making any type of “processed” foods. I have, however, also allowed myself one day per week to “cheat” per se. This has been beneficial as I’ve been able to eat something I’ve been craving, but I have not gone completely overboard. (Yay, Me!)

So far, my reward for watching my food intake has been a loss of four pounds. Again, this time around, I forgot to weigh myself on the first day.  (I hope I’ll learn sooner rather than later.) While I’m anxious for the pounds to drop off, I know it will take some time, and a little more effort in the exercise arena.  I used a Christmas gift card to buy a kettle bell weight set. My next goal is to pop in the DVD and actually work out! Baby steps, right?

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