It was just yesterday!


I am the mom of a seventeen year old!

It was just yesterday that I decided to go off birth control.

It was just yesterday that I got pregnant.

It was just yesterday that I was admitted for induction.

It was just yesterday that I was sent home with a delightful bundle of joy.

It was just yesterday that the handsome little boy I gave birth to started kindergarten.

And then middle school.

And then high school.

Holy crap, he’s a junior in high school! He’s (hopefully) getting his driver’s license within the next few months. We’re choosing classes for his senior year of high school. He’s thinking about attending college. He’s trying to find a summer job (fingers crossed for the second interview at the Zoo!).

He’ll be a senior soon.

Senior pictures.


Senior prom.

High school graduation.

The kids laugh at my tears at the end of Toy Story 3.  How am I going to make it tear-free through graduation? It’s going to be impossible!

While he may be an introvert and doesn’t like to do much with mom these days, I have been blessed with handsome, well-mannered, polite young adult. ::sniffle, sniffle::

He is 17 today, and I wish him the happiest of birthdays!

Can someone please show me the rewind button?

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