Money Mash Up 1/7

money mash up

Money Mash Up 1/7.  Hosted by simply stacia.

1. The most money I’ve spent last week was for rent. Sadly it takes most of my paycheck. Now that I have a cat (in my “no pets” place), the search has begun to find a new pet-friendly place to move this summer.

2. A low-cost or free thing I did this past week was staying in on Saturday night. Hibernation mode has kicked in. It was just me, the cat, Amazing Chicken, and an evening of Nicholas Sparks movies. The Notebook makes me long for a Noah of my own.

3. The one thing I did for another was nothing. I can’t think of anything I’ve done for another this week. I did, however, do something for myself, and that was make a deposit to my 52 week savings plan!

4. Something I really need to accomplish this week is exercise. My cruise is in 48 days and I’ve not lost a pound.

5. My most favorite thing about winter is fresh snowfall on a weekend morning.  There are usually no cars on the road, and the snow is hanging in the tree branches. It’s so pretty when it’s untouched!

How is your budgeting going in this New Year?

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  1. I watched The Notebook too on Saturday! LOVE that movie and cry every time! I love that you have a cat, as I do…cats are awesome 🙂

    Super excited to read this and I’m also glad that so many of us decided to do that 52 week money challenge. I’ll be so glad when my Christmas 2013 is funded and I’m not stressing!

    Cheers to a great week!! xoxo

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