money mash up 1/14

via money mash up – 1/14.

1.  The most money I’ve spent last week was for $71 to get a passport card for Vampire Boy. As part of an 18th birthday and graduation gift, I’m taking him with me and my friends on The Rock Boat, next month. He could have boarded with his birth certificate, but I’d feel more comfortable if he has a passport card.

2.  A low-cost or free thing I did this past week was stay home last weekend. Not going out anywhere really helps me to not spend randomly.

3.  The one thing I did for another was ?. I know I feel like I do a lot for others, but I think it’s so automatic for me, I can never remember any particular instance to talk about.

4.  Something I really need to accomplish this week is to get my car an appointment at the garage for both an evaluation (thank you, Check Engine light) and an annual inspection. I also need to prod myself out of this funk I seem to be in.

5.  I’m dying to try getting my life in order this year. I’m not where I want to be after five years of living at this address.

How was your week?

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  1. Awww!!! Looking forward to you going on that trip 😉 Exciting!! Getting out lives in order…always in work in progress for me. 8 steps forward, 2 back at times, but I like that equation! Thanks for participating and cheers! to getting our stuff done in 2013!

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