Money Mash Up – 1/28

money mash up – 1/28Hosted by simply stacia.

1.  The most money I’ve spent last week was $384 for car repairs and inspection. Ouch. Merry Christmas to me. [This doesn’t include the damage caused when I was rear-ended on Wednesday evening. I’m still waiting to hear from an adjuster for this.]

2.  A low-cost or free thing I did this past week was stay home again this past weekend. Of course, the car accident and kids here for the weekend also contributed to my staying in.

3.  The one thing I did for another was gave up my seat on the T (subway) for a woman and her young child. During this week of taking public transportation, it amazes me how selfish people are. If you’re young, give up your seat to someone who needs it. It’s common sense and common courtesy. Show some manners!

Also, after Friday evening’s snow (and 2-1/2 hour commute via public transportation), I came home to sidewalks and driveway still needing to be shoveled (thanks for nothing, kids!). So after cleaning my public sidewalk, I also helped my Friendly Neighbor clear her driveway. Can these good deeds chase away the black cloud that’s been hovering around me?

4.  Something I really need to accomplish this week is to get in touch with Mr. Rear-Ended Me’s insurance company. I reported the accident to his company and was surprised that he hadn’t reported the accident yet. An adjuster was supposed to call me on Friday, but with the horrible weather in the area, I’m not surprised that I didn’t get a call. This is first on my agenda when I get to work on Tuesday!

5.  Life insurance.  Do you have it?  Why or why not?  I have an extra policy through work (separate of the coverage that they provide) and I think it’s for $180K? I figured the coverage of my salary (employer provided) plus this extra would be enough for the kids to pay off my outstanding debt, yet leave them enough to get on their feet.

How has your week been?

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  1. Please tell me you made diva and vampire help you shovel? My son is usually pretty good about it. He is super speedy if Daddy is coming in his new sissy penis car, oops I mean Camaro. Regardless I hope they helped you and i hope you have a good week and that your little black cloud rains itself out! 🙂

    • Yes, they willingly shoveled when they returned home on Saturday morning. They just don’t think about it after school (and when dad on is on his way to get them).

      Hope you have a good week as well. Fingers crossed that this black cloud disappears soon!

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