When It Rains …

… it effing pours!

I am not a fan of January. I’m one of those people who drive themselves crazy via baking frenzy and trying to make Christmas enjoyable for everyone else. While I’m relieved when the holidays are over, January is not a fun month. We’re only three weeks into it this year, and I’m ready to hang up the towel with this year.

To add to the typical January funk, my car was starting to act up by running rough. Ok, fine, I’ll ask my stepdad to help with a tune up. I learned how to change my spark plugs and wires. Once the job was done, the engine still idled rough and wanted to stall while idling at traffic lights. On my way to the dentist on Monday, the car stalled twice so I rerouted back home, cancelled our dentist appointments, and called the mechanic for an appointment. Twenty-four hours later with a PVC valve hose replacement, new front brake pads, an inspection and resultant lighter wallet, I was happy to pick up my car and bring him home. While I enjoyed my T/bus commute to work for a week (really enjoyed being able to read again!) letting someone else fight the traffic, I was happy to drive myself again this morning.

Fast forward to 8 PM tonight. Social Diva and her friend need a ride home from a church group function. No problem, I can pick the girls up. Little did I know that the Universe was going to slap me again.

On our way home, I stopped at a yellow light at a fairly busy intersection. The problem with my stopping is that the car behind me did not stop and rammed right into us, pushing my car into the intersection. After a brief moment of “Holy Shit, Is Everyone OK?!”, I  take a right to pull over so we can exchange information. I check with the girls that they’re ok (they were/are). I check with the other driver. He bumped his head, but he thinks he’s ok.  We exchange information, confirm again that everyone is ok, cars are drive-able, and we both leave.

I come home and call my insurance company to report the accident. The Ex recommends filing a police report, but the local PD says they would just help facilitate the insurance exchange (which we had already done). Social Diva’s friend isn’t sure if she feels well, so her dad leaves work to pick her up and have her looked over.

I’m still waiting for my pulse to slow down and my hands to quit shaking. I’ve been in two accidents before when I was a teen (which was a lonnnnng time ago) but it was just with the car I was driving and didn’t involve any other cars/drivers. I have never been hit before, and certainly never rear-ended. I keep wondering what the hell I’ve done to upset my karma and how soon (and how quickly) can I get rid of this black cloud of doom that seems to be looming overhead?

So, Universe? I’m done. Pretty please (with sugar on top), no more.

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  1. I hate when it pours! I am glad that you are all ok, hang in there 🙂

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