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Day 10: Shop Until the Mom Drops


Social Diva is staying with me for five days since her dad is out of town with friends. I mentioned that I needed to go to the mall to find something to wear for the conference I’m working in New Orleans next week. She, of course, jumped at a trip to the mall on the weekend. She’s turning into quite the shopper these days.

The rule was that I had to pick out my purchase first. While helping me look around for something for me, she (again, of course) found an armful of things that she also wanted to try on. After I made my purchase (including her armful of items), we then headed out to hit her favorite stores.

We looked around in a handful of stores and she didn’t really see anything else that she liked. That is, until we hit the H&M store on our way out of the mall. She wanted to try on a dress to see what it looked like (she doesn’t really wear dresses!). Turns out it looked very cute on her so we had to buy it. She doesn’t have anywhere definite to wear it yet, but we’re hoping to go see Wicked again in January (hopefully, this time it’s not Drunk Girl Theater).

Over three hours later (and lunch at the Food Court), our shopping trip was a success. I found something to wear and shoes for my conference. Social Diva came home with two bags full of clothes.

As we were leaving the mall, Social Diva asked if we were going to walk tonight. After following her around the mall and being her “hold this”, I gave her the stink eye.

Day 9: Stick a Fork in Me

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I’m done.

Sometimes, no matter how much you wish for something to work out well for everyone involved, it’s best to walk away before any possibility of friendship is completely destroyed.

Day 8: Bark and Bowl Fundraiser

Bark N Bowl

I’m heading out to bowl tonight for the Bark and Bowl Fundraiser.  My ex-husband and I lost a dog to canine cancer, so I’m happy to give some of my time to this organization. Earlier this week, it looked like our team was struggling to reach the $500 suggested donation per team, but thanks to an anonymous donor, we have exceeded the goal.

I used to be a fairly decent bowler and was on a couples team for a few years before it disbanded. I do have a mug somewhere for scoring over 250. It’s been a while though since I’ve been bowling, but I’m looking forward to hanging out with some people I don’t get to see very often.

If you’d like to donate, here’s the link to do so.

PS: Dave is the team organizer’s dog. I don’t have quick access to a picture of Dudley (the dog I lost to cancer).

Day 7: I Hope to be a Guinea Pig

Last night I attended an information session for a clinical trial at the local university. The study is to help people lose weight and present weight regain. The program will include physical activity, nutrition, and weight loss intervention for reduced cardiovascular risk.

While I did buy a Fitbit at the end of August, I haven’t made much progress with increasing my exercise.  This study will require weekly group meetings and my weight and eating habits will be reported to the study coordinators via a wifi scale and the Lose It! app.  Accountability (and no cheating)!

At the end of the information session, we had to answer a few questionnaires to see if we qualify to participate. The coordinators will review our answers and will let us know our eligibility to participate by early December. Baseline testing will  start in January, with group sessions beginning in February.

I hope I’m eligible to participate. While I’ve done well this week with my modified eating, some nutritional advice for this picky eater would be very helpful and greatly appreciated!

Day 6: Guess Who Fixed Her Garage Door?

Guess who fixed her garage door?

This gal!

My manual garage door has been popping out of the track more frequently these days. I researched solutions via Google (of course!). When Vampire Boy was home this weekend, I had him help me.

We first tried a hammer but it did nothing. I then tried using pliers to bend the track just enough so that the roller wouldn’t jump out when the door was lifted. After opening and closing the doors a few times, we noticed that the hinge holding the roller wasn’t sitting level. After a few more adjustments to this hinge, the door now works perfectly!

This will make winter so much easier for me! (though I’d also love a garage door opener!)

UPDATE: Jinxed myself! Door jumped the track tonight! Grrrr!

Day 5: Progress

I had a post prepared in my head while at work today, but for the life of me, I can’t remember it now. I refer to that as #MadCowBrain. I wish I could remember my topic, because I think it was a pretty good one. It will probably come back to me around 3 AM tomorrow morning.

In any case, I am almost through day 2 of my modified eating plan (trying to cut out carbs and sugar). Over the weekend, I committed to joining a social diet group called DietBet. It’s a game among friends where you donate $20 and have 4 weeks (28 days) to lose 4% of your weight. You submit a picture to the web site of yourself standing on the scale (full body shot) and a close up of the scale reading with the secret word. A DietBet employee verifies your submission and approves your weight submission.

In preparation for starting the modified eating plan (I don’t want to say diet), I overdosed on leftover Halloween candy on Saturday prior to my weight in on Sunday. Weighing in on Sunday was de-pres-sing! (Between you and me, I’m pretty disgusted that I let myself get this overweight.)

So I’ve been clean eating for the past two days. I have given up bread. I have given up processed sugar. I have a craving for sweets right after finishing lunch and dinner, so I’m trying to substitute fruits for sweets.

I’ve also tried increasing my water intake, which had me waking up twice last night. I was not happy with this new development!

I’m looking forward to weighing in tomorrow morning. Fingers crossed that I’ve dropped at least the Saturday Starburst weight!

Day 4: The Voice

The Voice ~ Shel Silverstein

I’ve been ignoring the voice for a few years now.

It used to be a quiet voice that whispered “something isn’t right.”

But I tried to give the benefit of the doubt.

I tried to be flexible with my thoughts and feelings. My wants and expectations.

I tried to not want for everything to be about me.

But the voice kept getting louder and louder.

And as my unhappiness grew and the pounds packed on, the voice finally yelled loud enough at me.

But it IS about me. My health is important to me. My happiness is important to me. And while I can’t make everyone around me happy, I need to start with allowing myself to be happy. And work on making that happiness happen.

So I’m listening to the voice inside.

Day 3: So Very Thankful

While Friday night was a fun night at the Pens game, and Saturday (day and night) allowed me to be a total slug, I had big plans for today! After heading to bed early Saturday night, I woke up at 4:30 this morning — partially on my own, partially thanks to a cat who doesn’t understand Daylight Savings Time. I finally gave up got out of bed at 5 AM and figured I’d get a head start on my day.

Kids asked to be picked up from their Dad’s at 11, so I spent the morning preparing chili for the crock pot and the afternoon making cookies for Vampire Boy to take back to school. It was nice having him here for the afternoon. He hates the food service at school so he made sure to fill up on home made stuff while he was here.

It’s a decent 45 minute or so drive to take him back to school on a fairly deserted highway.  I had a few emotional moments behind sunglasses while driving there and back.  I am so fortunate that both of my children are fairly well-behaved and fairly well-mannered. There are so many distractions for kids these days and it can be easy for them to get caught up in the wrong things.

So on this crisp November day, I am so very thankful.

(And I may head to bed before 9 because I am also so very tired!)

Day 2: Do Overs

Wish I had a 'Do-Over'

Earlier this week, Flawed Memory and I exchanged a few tweets about a ‘do-over’ button. We had seen a screening of About Time the week before which involves the trait of time travel.

Today was a pretty laid back day for me, so I caught myself thinking about this topic a few times. If we had the ability to Time Travel (and knew about it), how far back in our lives would we go?

Would I go back to my teenage years and try not to be such a rebellious teenager?

Would I go back to my late teens and not be so anxious to get out of my mother’s house?

Would I go back and try to have a better relationship with my mother or father?

Would I make go back and make better decisions about my relationships:  the high school boyfriend I wanted to marry; the ‘bad boy’ who drew me to him like a moth to a flame; the man I would eventually marry?

How far back would I wish to travel? Regardless of my choice, a do-over of any of the above options would have resulted in a completely different life. While my life hasn’t been perfect, I don’t know that I’d wish for it to be completely different. I am who I am because of the experiences I have had so far.

Where would you go if you had the option to ‘Do-Over’? Would you take advantage of the ability to time travel or would you be happy with your life as it is?

Day 1 (late): A Fun Friday Evening!

I had plans for a quiet Friday evening as Social Diva was supposed to go with her Dad to pick up Vampire Boy from school.

However, early Friday morning I was asked if I was interested in going to the Pens game. Of course, I said “Yes!” and then had to figure out who to take with me. Social Diva wasn’t answering her texts. Another friend had just firmed up date plans. And the third friend wasn’t responding to a FB message. Finally, three hours later, Social Diva replies that she is interested.

I have been to Pens games before but at the old Mellon Arena. I was looking forward to my first game at the Consol Energy Center. We got there early enough to see some pre-game warm-ups and get something to eat.


The seats were great! Social Diva loved her first professional hockey game. And Mom had a fun girls’ night out.

Let's Go Pens!

Many thanks to the kind person who gave me the seats for the game. A plate of their favorite cookies will be made to go along with a nice thank you note for their generosity.